Jules Williams

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My name is Jules, I was forged in the Welsh mountains, honed in the Cotswolds and matured in London. I am a lifelong intuitive and have a three-year extensive certification in working with the subconscious. I was an expert presenter on an intuitive television show for Sky Television in the UK for six-years and currently live in Malibu, CA where I bring 30 years of coaching knowledge, wisdom and experience to clients from all walks of life. Through 1-1 sessions, workshops or retreats I help people work with their subconscious to recognise, reconcile and heal repetitive negative patterns that are restricting their optimum outcomes. From executive strategy, life transition, career, relationships and even weight loss, my ultimate focus is to help access the root block within the subconscious that helped set up a recurring negative pattern - something we are all running when we feel held back, stifled, frustrated or helpless to move forward. WHAT WE TRULY BELIEVE WILL ALWAYS MANIFEST ... So it is important we proactively hone our beliefs to reflect back at us the world we wish to create. Jules

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