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From Dosen.io, it's How I got here. A show about the most talented creators, solopreneurs and mentors that you may not have heard of, and the story behind how they got to where they are.

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#1 StarVenture - Brittany Packnett on the Foundations of Confidence


TED Talk from Brittany Packnett on the Foundations of Confidence Confidence. We talk about it all the time. We know it matters. And still, educator and activist Brittany Packnett thinks we underestimate it. "Confidence," she says, "is the necessary spark before everything that follows." In this TED talk, Brittany identifies the three basic elements of this elusive force which can be especially valuable for people whose role models don't look like them. After the talk, Modupe shares one more technique that has propelled her year after year at work, and explores the power of finding your "superpower" at work, And, SPiderman makes a brief appearance.

January 01 : 15+mins

#2 StarVenture - Bob Langert on Turning Critics into Allies


TED Talk from Bob Langert on Turning Critics into Allies When an organization is bettered by critics, how does it usually respond? "Deny and push back, put out some sort of lame statement," says Bob Langert, "and no progress is made at all." But based on 25 years leading sustainability and corporate responsibility at McDonald's, Bob proposes another way: To work with critics. In this TED Talk, he shares stories that take us from the Amazon slaughterhouses, from tree huggers to corporate suits, all in the search for common ground with his greatest detractors.

January 01 : 15+mins