The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) is the development arm of the European Bank. They spend $11B annually supporting the growth of small businesses and startups through multiple programs across 30 developing countries.


The Star Venture program is one of the largest and most ambitious programs within EBRD. The program focuses on a small number of the highest-potential startups across Europe, Asia and Africa. They had the aim of being the most impactful startup program in Europe.


The Star Venture team manually managed the program through email, zoom and many other apps. The absence of a platform made it incredibly difficult for the team and their regional officers, to effectively manage and scale the growing program and get access to the data they needed to measure the impact of their work.


We loved their ambition and vision for the program and quickly developed a program that allowed Star Venture to go live in 3 weeks. The effect of running the program through Dosen started to materialize instantly.


Engagement rates exploded (10x increase), and quality ratings increased from 3.5 to 4.9 / 5. Star Venture won the European Bank program of the year and drove a $500M increase in valuation for the Startups in the program.

“Dosen has made it so much easier for us to manage and track mentorship, developing a greater sense of accountability in the mentor-mentee relationships. Dosen has enabled us to set up great structure around the program and we’re looking forward to the future with Dosen”

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